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Tennis Tips 101 - Getting Ready

Warming Up  

Warming up is a must before every match. This allows the body to stretch its muscles to avoid getting injuries during game play. You don’t want to pull your muscles the wrong way.  

Proper Mind Set 

All your goals and dreams start in the mind. You have to set your mind and think of winning. Therefore, what the mind and conceive the body can achieve. You have to have the power of positive thinking and go for the win.

Proper Gear 

By now you surely know that equipping yourself with the right gear is a must. Having a tennis ball with a good bounce is great not only for practice but also for game play. Also, getting the right racket is a requirement because not all rackets are the same. You have to get the one that is perfect for your age, that compliments your style in playing so that it brings out the best in your in every game.

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