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Tennis Lessons Costs in Singapore

Master the right techniques and mindset is crucial in tennis, especially for starters.

For the intermediate players, improve your skills and learn to play an effective game of tennis.

The normal rates for tennis lessons are as follows:

 Packages (1 to 1)  Per Session  Per month (4 sessions)  8 sessions
 Package A (1 hour)  $60 per session   $240 per month  $450 (save $30)
 Package B (1.5 hour)  $90 per session  $360 per month  $650 (save $70)
 Package C (2 hours)  $120 per session  $480 per month   -

You need constant practise and learning in order to play a good game of tennis, hence we suggest you register 1 month worth of lessons.

Our rates are low but the services our coaches ain't. We provide quality lessons at affordable prices.

However, the rates may vary according to the experience of our tennis coaches and availability.

The rates above do not include the rental of courts. Please click here for a list of public tennis courts.

Email us for more details about our courses!


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