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Tennis Gears & Accessories

Getting the proper tennis gear is highly important. You need to sport the right tennis attire and not just wear what you want because you need to be agile as possible. You don’t want to have a hard time running in the court and hitting the ball. Getting a proper racket is also a must. You have to remember that rackets do not come in a standard size. It differs with age that is why you have to get the right one for you.


Tennis Rackets

Tennis gears like rackets are as important as well.

Like for begginers, racket head sizes greatly affect how easy one can hit a ball. Any racket head a size that is smaller than 90 sq” could be very small for beginners.

Racket head sizes also differ with age.

For older people, it is advised to use a racket with head size over 100 sq”.



Aside from getting the perfect racket, do not take for granted the other tennis gears like your tennis balls and your tennis outfits. This will make for a comfortable and enjoyable time of learning tennis.  

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